Riverside Gardens

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Seedlings, market gardening produce and fruit delivery app and website to consumers. Riverside Gardens uses syndicated household market gardening to produce volumes. And grows certain produce to drive the Cottage industry practice such as Growing strawberries and manufacturing premium quality hand made jams for local and export markets.

Business Idea

To provide fresh organically grown vegetables for domestic and commercial consumption on demand basis. To establish both B2B and B2C models of fresh produce supply based on our Cottage Industry model of aggregation to fill bigger needs. From renting to buy minimum 5 Acre lots with a households and boreholes for market gardening purposes.

Social Objectives

  • Minimizing the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides for Healthier alternative fresh produce.
  • Using organic processes minimizing soil and ecosystem damages for ecological process restoration.
  • Maximum production and use of space


  • Current market gardening produce is mostly inorganically produced laden with chemicals and toxins.
  • Vast tracts of fertile land lying Idle
  • Price of produce is high due to overall low output from market gardeners.
  • High cost of market gardening inputs is in the fertilizer and pesticides.


  • Healthier alternatives
  • Maximum production use of space
  • Reduction in market gardening costs
  • Shopping convenience

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