Innovation Center – Wakambi Hubs

The Hubs carry on the functions of both seedbed and accelerator targeting startup partnerships and innovation with educational institutions, rural and grassroots communities, municipalities, research institutions/organizations and city residents as cofounders to hub startups. Provides deal flow for the incubator and deal room. The also hubs focus on indigenous knowledge startups and infinite technology startups.

Wakambi Innovation introduces support systems to aid startup development and create pipelines for deal flow.

Wakambi Innovation HUBS

The Wakambi innovation hubs are tech startup ecosystems, that are created in designated areas. The hubs allow for the influx of cofounders into the incubator. Creating a pipeline deal flow and diversification of startup portfolio.

Startup Rocket has been established to create and grow profitable startups and businesses, identify and evaluate business acquisition targets, create and identify cash cow deal making opportunities, train entrepreneurs to compound business creation and development in the economy, increase entrepreneurship pool, and to generate broad based employment, enact savings and build wealth for social and economic development through startups and business.

Wakambi Hubs are powered by SPV’s Startup Cup of Tea & Coffee, Launch Pad and African Angels.

Residency Composition

  • 12 Uni Hub Startups
  • 12 Poly Hub Startups
  • 12 Hood Hub Startups
  • 12 City Hub Startups
  • 12 Roots Hub Startups
  • 60 Startups Admitted Quarterly

Take off:

  • Duration: Ninety day to 180 days tenancy
  • Demo Day: Wakambi Panel, angels and early stage investors
  • Graduates to Incubator at a valuation of $10MM
  • Seed Capital Allocation: minimum $30 000
  • StartupEcosystem Quarterly Budget of $3MM