Why We Must Act

Wakambi sets out to solve some of the fundamental challenges and problems facing society and humanity on earth.

• In the 21st century space age the fact is that digitization improves efficiency and effectiveness and the higher the internet penetration; there will be more of prosperity and affluence in the society. Where there is no or low internet penetration there is poverty. Where there is little or no digitization there is underdevelopment.

• Lack of Industriousness, Technological underdevelopment and continuous Subsistence Entrepreneurship keep South – South countries underdeveloped. Poverty, Unemployment and Underdevelopment with all their associated downstream effects still incessantly plague Africa and other South – South markets in the 21st century. These have widespread downstream negative effects that affect multitudes.

• Africa and South – South areas have a majority of their population aged between 15 years and 25 years of age. And by 2040 1 in 5 people on earth will be African. There are lots of needs to be filled. Currently Africa’s contribution to global research is only 2%. This is a big market that needs industrialization the participation of African environmental cognizance, enterprise and social progress, which is negligible at present.