Wakambi Startup Renovada is a specialist Lazarus and transformation ecosystem running parallel to Wakambi Startup Factory. Renovada is focused on acquisition and resuscitation of failed startups whose technology we salvage to reanimate for them to once again engage the market, this time round successfully. Renovada also targets Startups and SMEs in decline that are about to tank. And take them on a major turnaround through startup or SME mergers and buyout. Renovada startups are rebuilt as capital-efficient technology companies that can succeed with <$3.6m lifetime capital raised.

Wakambi Renovada is the startup arm focused on mergers, acquisitions and buyouts. WR is a specialist that reestablishes failed startups using their technology in a new environment, with new teams, a different marketplace, with the best product fit, etc.

Wakambi Renovada is powered by Safari Capital

Residency Composition

  •  12 Acquisition Startups
  • 12 Buyout Startups
  • 12 Merger Startups
  • Duration: Five year tenancy
  • Graduates to Dispatch
  • Target Valuation to Achieve in 5 years: min $100MM
  • Capital Allocation: $3.6MM