Wakambi also works in collaboration with other entrepreneurs, active ecosystems, academia, corporations, institutions, non profits and governments. To create startups, build startup ecosystems, cultivate entrepreneurship and bring about an African Startup Economy.

Wakambi uses in-house competencies and skill sets to develop software for third parties across industry sectors, and provide training and capacity building to avail a tech talent for the startup economy. Wakambi’s capex, opex and general liquidity for the ecosystem is acquired by bootstrapping. Creating short term businesses in the form of deals, trades, and tenders that have early horizon exists ranging from hours to days and up to a maximum of 2 to 3 years.

Wakambi offers Startup Management Consultancy, Research and Advisory services to each of its startups from Seedbed, Acceleration, Incubation, to Exit. These business services are also offered to divisions, subsidiaries and external entities.