Welcome to Wakambi Worldwide!

Wakambi Worldwide is the holding company that provides support to its divisions/subsidiary business units and oversight to ensure the mission is advanced and objectives are accomplished. Wakambi Worldwide’s focus is on Mechanization, Industrialization, Beneficiation,
Indigenous Knowledge, Commercialization, International Expansion, Digitization and Digitalization. Our focus is on Africa as a country under the African Union driven regional economic bloc growth strategies.

Wakambi is using entrepreneurship, technology and innovation to solve societal problems and challenges tosupport the growth of an African Startup Economy yielding continuous social, economic, environmental, cultural, scientific improvement that creates employment, savings, development and wealth in the process.

Wakambi Group of Companies comprises the following group of companies that make up complimentary subsidiaries that work in unison to advance the groups mission.

Wakambi Startup Management Consultancy, Research and Advisory

Wakambi Startup, Business, Technology, and Academy Ecosystem

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Wakambi Alternative Investments

Wakmbi GO

Wakambi Travel

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Wakambi Technologies

Wakambi Logistics

Wakambi Resources

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Wakambi Industries

Wakambi Media

Wakmbi GEM

Wakambi Academy

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