Problem Solving, Identification & Needs Assessment –  Solution Concept Development and Product Design

This is for idea level concept startups in which entrepreneurship starts up and is solidified within one of two 5 Day Startup workshops called  BEEB SW Business Enterprise Entrepreneur Brainstorming Startup Week and BEEC SW Business Enterprise E-Commerce Startup Week . The Ecosystem together with entrepreneurs come up with solid business ideas and concepts to be made into enterprise companies. A simple prototype is built, a landing page website setup. This is the strategy and method used to create the startups from a primary needs assessment, product first flight base and early adopter users identification at the preliminary.

   BEEB-SW – Business Enterprise Entrepreneurship Brainstorming – Startup Week: one event first week of every month
Wakambi has a target of creating 1200 profitable businesses solving real life problems over a period of 10 years in the BEEB – SW Project in collaboration with other entrepreneurs from across the board. These are unique startups that the ecosystem creates and builds into solid businesses with a team of co founder entrepreneurs over a period of 10 years to exit or hold.

Wakambi BEEB Startup Week is a week long theoretical workshop and 3 week long practical group startup program open to 150 participants per quarter commencing in the first week of every month. The 50 monthly participants are put in groups of five to form 10 groups. In which the 5 participants in each group and the ecosystem become co-founders to a startup created during the week long Enterprise Entrepreneurship Startup Workshop. Which will create a total of 10 Entrepreneurship Week Startups monthly. BEEB SW takes place at the beginning of every month throughout the year. The workshop is open to everyone wishing to join others in coming up with practical resolve that is in the form of income generating solutions to everyday problems people face. The workshop participants become a founder member and shareholder of a business with targeted monthly revenues > US$100K per month at the beginning of the second year in operation. Contact Wakambi to partake in the BEEB SW Workshop.

     BEEC-SW Business Enterprise E Commerce Startup Week: one event once every second week of each month
Wakambi has an enterprise target of creating 3000 profitable e commerce businesses filling real customer needs, completing experiences and growing to be recognized global brands over a period of 10 years in BEEC SW Project in partnership with single co founders in each e commerce project. These E Commerce startups are built into high volume companies in 5 years further grown aimed at becoming leading retailers across the AU and the world to point of exit or hold on in 10 years.

Wakambi BEEC Startup Week is a program open to 25 participant store co founders every month who enroll in a combination of one week’s theory and 3 weeks practical course in e commerce, online business creation program and partnership venture with the ecosystem as a co founder to each online E Commerce store, created and built from zero to start targeting generating revenues north of US$100k per month from year three. We hold 12 BEEC SW workshops per annum, that trains 300 entrepreneurs in that year on e commerce and practical store setup and management training. producing profitable e commerce stores using tried and tested methods. Which will create a total of 75 E Commerce Week Startups quarterly. The BEEC SW Workshop costs to be met per store co founder and is open to anyone looking to establish and run a scalable and profitable online business. Contact Wakambi to partake in the BEEC SW Workshop.

○ A total of 120 solutions to known problems ideated and invented annually from Wakambi BEEB Startup Week Event.

  • A total of 300 e commerce solution/stores product-market identification and established annually from Wakambi BEEC Startup Week Event, that are selling products people are buying.

○ Wakambi Startup Week is funded by membership subscriptions, donations, Startup Soda crowd campaigns, sale of merchandise and books.

○ Twenty Four Startup Week Events Yearly

○ Fifty BEEB participants in groups of five individuals to co-create 10 startups monthly.

  • 25 BEEC participants individual operators to co-create 25 startups monthly

○ Duration: Five Day Startup Workshops during tenancy to come up with solutions to standing societal problems that can be turned into a company.

○ Only 12 of the best of the Startup Week enterprises will graduate to Wakambi Startup Seed-Bed Laboratory for concept validation quarterly.

○ Capital Allocation: $10 000 to cater for 25 group participants per event.

○ Use of Capital: to run the event to unearth and spot startup gems and e commerce breakouts.

○ Wakambi Startup Week YouTube Channel, Tik Tok, Only Fans, LinkedIn and other social media that will drive adoption and become revenue streams for the event.

○ Event Capex and Opex $1.1MM per annum


CORPORATE VENTURE STARTUP WEEKEND: Problem Solving, Identification & Needs Assessment, Solution Concept Development and Product Design

Preliminary Corporate Venture Startup Weekend Brainstorming sessions Partner Corporate Entries to create startups they will acquire or spin off. Wakambi and the Corporate Entity Partner become cofounders in the Startups. Wakambi Corporate Venture Startup Weekend provides strategic tools to complement corporate R&D.

○ Wakambi Startup Weekend events are each sponsored by a corporate venture partner whom Wakambi cofounds startups with.

○ Forty eight Startup Weekend Events yearly

○ Six ideas formulated with the corporate partner during Startup Weekend.

○ Duration: Two Day Startup Workshop tenancy to come up with solutions to standing societal problems.

○ Graduates to Wakambi Startup Seed-Bed Laboratory

○ Capital Allocation: $15 000 per event to cater for five groups comprised of 2o participants in groups of four participants in each team. The teams are comprised of two Wakambi Entrepreneurs and two Corporate venture partner employees. From the five corporate venture solutions formulated we select only 4 of the best ideas. The selected are to be corporate venture startup enterprises taking up tenancy in the Seed Bed for concept validation from participants.

○ Use of Capital: to run the event to unearth challenges in corporate companies that can be best solved by creating a specific product or service updates under a new enterprise.

○ 12 Corporate Venture Startup Week Events once on every third week of the month yearly.

○ Event Capex and Opex $900K per annum