Incubator – Wakambi Factory
– Startup Incubator: stage 5 enterprise

This the final five year incubation residency for startups at Wakambi Ecosystem. All startups in incubation have a customer approved product in place that is solving a real life problem. The focus becomes on marketing, building teams, attracting finance to leap frog growth or bootstrapping to successful organic growth. all startups are on a path of continuous improvement, with target exit being an acquisition target or an IPO. This is where the enterprise is established to become a corporation.

This is a 5 year product management stage and last of the pre and incubation levels in the ecosystem. At Wakambi it is up until a startup achieves product-market fit, it will not qualify to take up residency in incubation. During this product market fit cementing period we are growing numbers of satisfied active buyers returning, referring customers, increasing, up until the stage startups have customers who praise the products/service are visible. Achieving product market fit now enables startups to focus on other important business objectives, such as gaining more traction, growing and scaling the startup enterprise, improving sales with upselling current users and customers. By achieving product market fit, solid revenue streams and investible interest is established for Wakambi resident startups.

Wakambi Factory is powered by SPV’s African Crowd, DIMOKI, Blockchain Digital Asset Fund and W DigiFund

  • 12 Entrepreneurship Startup Week Startups
  • 12 Corporate Venture Partner Startup Weekend Startups
  • 12 In-House Startups
  • 12 International Expansion Startups
  • 12 Reverse Engineering Startups
  • 12 Random Resident Startups
  • 10 Partner Ecosystem Accelerator Graduates
  • 80 Startups Admitted Quarterly
  • Duration In Residence: Five (5) Year Tenancy
  • Demo Day: Acquisition Prospecting and IPO Marketing
  • Graduates: to Dispatch
  • Target Fifth Year Revenue: >$100MM to $100B
  • Target Early Investor ROI: 3x minimum
  • Startup Target Valuation: $300MM minimum
  • Capital Allocation: $1MM per annum
  • Startup Ecosystem Quarterly Budget: >$88MM