Software Development – Wakambi Technology and Wakambi Internet Studio

Wakambi develops custom software for startups, corporate companies and institutions. We also offer system integration for software we sub license. Assisting frontier and emerging corporations with bridge software to interface legacy systems in transition to latest software.

  • Wakambi Startups White Label Software and System Integration Software for startups is meant to reduce startup costs and improve product time to market, helping startups to be able to obtain immediate compliance for operations, technical partnerships and API and Apps software.


  • Wakambi Corporate White Label Software is meant for helping corporations to remain relevant in this century. Providing upgrades and bridge software to successfully transform legacy systems to modernity.


  • Wakambi Dev Ops developing cloud infrastructure and offers cloud Services to startups, corporations, institutions, non profits and governments. Helping to leapfrog technological development and debut with IoT ready technology riding the crest over legacy systems.