Wakambi GO. Travel and Tourism

Wakambi Go is Focused on frontier, emerging and G20 market business and investment tours that incorporate leisure and economic and social knowledge excursions. The tours will give insight into the economy, market dynamics and business fundamentals for investors to appreciate entry strategies and the growth prospects that African startups are immersed. And realize the lucrative and development output that their support will yield. Interacting with startupsto experience startup journey. Meet markets, management, prospects, operations, customers and more.

■ Wakambi Business and Investment Tours is developmental productive leisure to showcase frontier and emerging market opportunities to international investors, who normally are only shown the blight in Africa. Which Wakambi would for investors to appreciate that together this can be removed by industrious economic activities driven by supported entrepreneurship.

■ Wakambi Events and Promotion for startups to draw awareness, enlist talent, entice early adopters and attract investors.
Wakambi Startups promotional events include Startup Safari, Startup Reading Circles, Drumming Circles for Drumming Up Startup Support, Pitch Picnics, SPV Seminars, Startup Investment Workshops, Startup Corporate Venture presentations and Media.

■ Fundraising support through structured mechanism and alternative investment financial instruments and powered by global economic policy advancement that unlocks support and ushers in capital inflows.