For Startup Germination, Acceleration, Innovation, Incubation and Exit Wakambi provides:

Facilities, Technology and Finance

  • A fixed and or virtual abode for startups in which they take up tenancy, gain access to resources, expertise, channels, guidance and nurturing through consecutive graduation stages in the ecosystem construct until exit. Become part of the Wakambi problem solvers and change makers alumni comprised of men and women of substance and means.


  • Decision Support, Mentorship, Strategy, Fundraising Support, Operational, Management, Administrative, Accounting, Audit, Partnership, Escrow, Corporate Secretarial services and Networks to startups through Wakambi Startup Management Consulting, Research and Advisory.


  • Technical support to allow startups to focus on product development and improving CX, Ops and growth. Supported by Wakambi Remote IT, that takes away the programming challenges, talent acquisition, and time to market, development costs, scaling, etc. providing both waterfall and agile response.


  • Fundraising using SPVs linked to each stage of the startup lifecycle. Wakambi uses the enabling environment, modern day economic legislation, technology, business savvy and entrepreneurship to come up with SPVs as fund raising strategies to support its portfolio of startups.