Due to the well known fact that nine out of 10 startups fail: THIS IS WHAT MAKES STARTUP INVESTING RISKY. Wakambi redresses this in the similar fashion and manner in which children are educated, made knowledgeable and skilled from kindergarten right through to university and employment for adult life and taking up their place in society. We provide and run a rigorous startup business enterprise building curriculum from concept validation to exit. It all starts with raising startups in a conducive environment with step by step guided process procedure and stage by stage tactical growth management, monitoring and evaluation for a nine out of success rate.

Startup Development Process

The startup development process with Wakambi is in five phases:

The first phase: Identification, evaluation and formative stage of the startup enterprise

The Second Phase short term occupancy in the seedbed laboratory is the first stage for every startup.

T he Third phase of pre incubation in an accelerator or innovation hub occupancy.

The Fourth phase: long term occupancy in 5 year incubation. This entails taking in entrepreneurs and startups for a 5 year residency period.

The Fifth phase: an exit short term occupancy of up to six months. This is the IPO Marketing or Acquisition Stage.

In Each phase startups have a stipulated time frame in which they should tenure and graduate in order to proceed through to the next phase and term.