An Accelerator – Wakambi Rocket
MVP with Defined Customers, Channel Development, Screening opportunities

This is the accelerator department of the ecosystem. This is an acceleration residency provided to startups for a period of 90 days. During this period the MVPs undergo concept validation and customer development to scale to a valuation of atleast US$10MM. During this period in the startup lifecycle is when startups have defined customers. And now having a solid recognizable product with growing traction and a user base of atleast 1000 customers for whom we are solving real life problems successfully.

Wakambi Rocket is powered by the SPV’s Launch Pad and African Angels.

Residency Composition

  • 12 Startup Week Startups
  • 12 Ground Zero Startups
  • 12 Corporate Venture Startups
  • 12 Random Resident Startups
  • 12 International Expansion Startups
  • 60 Startups Admitted Quarterly

Take off:

  • Duration: Ninety day tenancy
  • Demo Day: Wakambi Panel, early stage investors, venture capitalists and corporate venture partners
  • Target to grow beyond 1 000 repeat paying users in 90 days time.
  • Graduates to Incubator at a valuation of $10MM
  • Target Valuation to Achieve: min $1MM
  • Seed Capital Allocation: minimum $30 000
  • Startup Ecosystem Quarterly Budget of $2MM