The Wakambi portfolio strategy  concentrates on developing startups in sectors that have multiple drivers impacting and influencing startup growth. Wakambi startups are founded on founder market fit. And continously work on product development, customer development, CX, CI, customer relationship management for achieving kaizen product market fit in an ever evolving  market. For some startups in our portfolio we are now pursuing cementation and growth strategies.

These multiple drivers exponentially increase the probability of startup success. Consequently resulting in the creation of startups that are sure to be an enterprise and high growth startups that are a sound business investment. Thus availing sophisticated startups as an investment product and wealth building strategy and opportunity.

Generally as an investment class startups are high risk investments. Hence sectors with multiple drivers provide advantage for when a certain driver slows or fails. The other drivers will keep sectoral and startup growth on an upward trend.

Multiple drivers provide more pathways for startups to make an impact in the market. Furthermore, multiple drivers can merge to reinforce each other. In some instances technologies become the impetus to respond to the times, and help changing consumer needs and patterns. In some instances drivers, emerge as part of a new product’s ecosystem. As is the case with charging stations for electric vehicles.

The progressive culture of humanity based on the awakening: environmental, social, economic, scientific, cultural conciousness. Our mark is to create a portfolio of 360° companies. Each having consideration for Recycling, Converting and Renewal Eliminating Single use items. Building a global community considering and supporting low carbon culture.

Wakambi Ecosystem uses blockchain, private equity and capital creation SPV’s to solve cold starts for startups.

Wakambi has split it’s startup residency into segments determined by the growth potential of the business. The startups in the portfolio are categorized by revenue and growth prospect limits. Our entry level aim for the size of the business is the tree top. Our highest aim for the size of business is beyond the moon.

Portfolio Classification by Revenue Prospects

This is a heading for how our portfolio is classified according to average prospective revenue based on nature of the business.

■ Tree Top Level Startups
■ Reverse Engineering Resident Startups
■ International Expansion Resident Startups
■ Random Resident Startups

The portfolio of pre seed and seed stage startups that are most likely to be small and medium enterprises.

Wakambi Worldwide nor any of its divisional subsidiaries are registered financial advisors or securities advisors. This startup  investment data is for information and is for educational purposes and economic entertainment. Should any of our upstart companies interest you to join us. Please Conusult your licensed advisor to guide you with your investments. 

🌳Tree Top Level Startups

Wakambi entry level startups that have low growth prospect ceilings, but consistent value revenue streams. View Startups

☁️ Sky High Level Startups

Wakambi Startups that are above entry level. View Startups

🛰 Orbit Level Startups

Startups with products that are pertinent to human livelihoods. View Startups

🌞 Sun Shot Level Startups

Previously sunrise industry startups. View Startups

⭐️ Star Level Startups

High growth broad opportunity startups that solve critical long standing problems. View Startups