A SeedBed – Wakambi Laboratory

Concept Validation Startup Enterprise Formative Stage, Company Establishment, MVP Development, Product Prototype Market Test, Early Adoption and Introduction Features Customer Feedback.

This is an introductory 30 Day Concept Development stage, business fundamentals establishment and introductory residency in the incubator. In which promising concepts and ideas are polished to graduate at the end of a 30 Day Product, App, API, Platform, Tool, and Site development stage. This is where the ideas and concepts conceived are turned into opportunities with products, services and solutions. Graduating at the end of 30 days with an MVP that has atleast 100 users.

Wakambi Laboratory is powered by the SPV Startup Cup of Tea and Coffee.

Residency Composition

  • 12 Entrepreneurship Startup Week Startups
  • 12 Corporate Venture Partnership Startups – Weekend Startups
  • 24 Ground Zero Startups
  • 12 Infinite Technology Venture Startups
  • 12 Indigenous Knowledge
  • 12 Random Resident Startups
  • 84 Startups Admitted Quarterly
  • Startup Private Company Formation
  • Duration: 30 day tenancy
  • Demo Day: Wakambi panel, angels, early stage investors, corporate venture partners
  • Graduates: to Accelerator at a valuation of $1MM
  • Seed Capital Allocation: minimum $3 000
  • Startup Ecosystem Quarterly Budget of $980K