》We create, develop, and grow startups supported by verticals, – to exit at enterprise stage. And offer startups in our portfolio assistance, mentorship, business services and decision support. Resulting in successful startups that create employment, foster development and improve lives.

》We create and develop ecosystems in which startups are formed or developed in the form of Accelerators, Innovation Centers, Hubs, Incubators, Libraries and Makerspaces. To bring about an African Startup Economy connected to the rest of the world building wealth of nations.

》We create, drive and promote alternative finance solutions to capitalize; startups, ecosystems and fund short term liquidity strategies. We use securitization, syndication, crowd raising, revenue based strategies and early stage investment strategies.

》We create and offer training and education in Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Business,and International Communication. To create human capital, increase the talent pool and ready human resources for industry. Including R&D.

》We distribute, integrate, redevelop and develop software for the digitization, and digitialization of frontier and emerging markets. We partner USA, Japan, EU, India, Brazil and Hong Kong based SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS, and Rest API startups find New markets; Technology Transfer their code to us to tweek and readapt to new markets as differentiated products.

》We develop custom and bespoke software for various industry sectors. We develop both front-end and backend software including apps, API’s, and web development and design.

》We support Dev Opsand Cloud computing adoption for all startups. We also provide DevOps and Cloud Computing Services, roll out and encourage the adoption of cloud computing, and DevOps practices. We are developing cloud infrastructure and offering cloud services to startups to lower capex and deployment costs. In addition to startups we are to onboard Frontier and Emerging market corporates, non profits and governments on to the cloud. To make feasible the digitization and digitalization of Africa. As the fundamental technological resolve and economic enabler to be IOT ready and compliant for seamless integration, interoperatebility and compatibility. Leaping frontier and emerging markets into the fourth industrial age; industry 4.0.

》We provide startup management consulting, startup research and startup advisory services.

》We make deals, trades and transactions that are short term to create liquidity from earning potential.

》We offer business and investment tourism and tours to frontier and emerging markets. Specifically Investment

》We hold events, road trips and stage promotions for startups awareness, entrepreneurship and promotion of Wakambi Startups.

》We offer a digital asset management services

When we build businesses we transform lives and we transform Africa!