Wakambi Digital Money Kingdom is a multipurpose alternative financial services app, platform and website. Making way to onboard the traditionally banked, semi banked and a portion of the 1.7 billion unbanked individuals in our society on earth.

■ Wakambi is an ecosystem with a global digital asset mint, digital asset repository, digital asset exchange, digital wallet, digital payments, digital investments, digital debit card, digital tickets, digital sim card for global cell number to enable everybody to achieves access to international mobile commerce.

■ Digital Investments Bank
Wakambi is seeking licensing as a neo bank and currently functions as a digital asset only investment bank that is Blockchain secured. Customers who open an account with us via our wallet which is also embedded in our exchange platform, can only deposit Crypto Assets such as Bitcoin, Crypto Tokens such as Etherium or Crypto coins such as LiteCoin.

■ Contractual Compliance and Digital Asset Management only manages intangible digital assets in the form of NFT’s, Smart Contracts, Media, Software and Data. DAM is both a business process and information management technology. As we all know, assets drive life and assets drive business. We increase your digital wealth under our custody over the course of time through asset management processes by maintaining, and trading NFT investments helping NFT owners, NFT creators, NFT investors, get more value from an asset and achieve life and business growth, goals and value.

■ We also offer a cloud DAM solution for other ordinary everyday digital assets such as images, audio and audio visual materials. Our information management technology offers a centralized system for individuals and organizations to store, organize and access their data and media assets.