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There is a widespread number of hairsalons and beauty therapists, scattered across all localities in the country. Using a hairstylist or beauty therapist for the first time is always trail and error or word of mouth for those with networks.

Business Idea

To provide on demand platforms for various in demand services. The click Salon app will provide geo locations of salons, hair stylists and therapists profiles and ratings offering incall and outcall service to customers who subscribe to the Click Salon one stop shop platform for hair and beauty.

The platform is also an online store hair and beauty products. On which we sell products and supply to member salons and beauticians on the platform. Our hair and beauty products online store will be open to the general public for them to buy our range of products. Similar to a clicks stores but online.

Social Objectives

The social objectives of an on-demand beauty salon service with out calls and minimizing in-bound traffic may include:

  • Offers responsibly produced products to the African and global markets.
  • Mitigate health risks caused by sub standard hair and beauty products.
  • Plant a tree for every customer Click Salon beauticians serve.
  • Providing convenience to customers throughout calls that minimize inbound traffic to the city.
  • Supporting local communities: The business should strive to support local communities by employing local workers, sourcing materials and supplies locally, and supporting local charities or non-profit organizations.
  • Practicing sustainability: The business should adopt eco-friendly practices wherever possible to reduce its environmental impact. This can include using organic and natural beauty products, recycling materials, and reducing energy consumption.
  • Promoting self-care: The business should encourage self-care and positive body image among its customers, by providing a range of beauty services that help customers feel good about themselves and their appearance.
  • Prioritizing safety and hygiene: The business should have strict safety and hygiene protocols in place, to ensure the health and well-being of its customers and employees. This includes regular cleaning and disinfection, and adherence to industry best practices and government guidelines.


  • The majority of Africans currently use sub standard imported beauty products that pose serious health risks to the users.
  • Irreparable damages are caused to the skin of both user and beautician. Further damages to the heads and bodies of users.
  • The polluting and carcinogenic effects of these widely used cheap sub standard products.
  • The lack of lustre, quality and prominence is visible in the widely used cheap available products.
  • Undefined services offered by beauticians bumping into their flyer in cyber space is not easy.
  • Risk of using unrated, unprovoked, unknown beautician poses risks to customers
  • Convenient website and App driven beauty salon services


  • Blue Ocean aims to make the process of booking beauty services as easy and convenient as possible for customers via website, app, telephone or message services. This involves offering online booking and payment options, and providing on-demand services at the customer’s preferred location.
  • Centralized platform to reach profiled, rated, verified and qualified beauticians, and listed hair & beauty shops across Africa and the rest of the world.
  • Offer quality and responsibly produced hair and beauty products for the African and global market.
  • Offer a list with locations of beauty salons, along with services offered by registered member beauticians.
  • Offer our own services through Click Salon trained beauticians who do outcalls to customers.
  • Provide transport services for beauticians
  • Book, pay, plan, message, view styling demos all on the Click Salon platform.
  • Shop with Click Salon for atleast seven times and receive membership to Click Salon’s Saloon aptly named Nail Bar Lounge. Where you sip on Cocktails whilst you wait for your appointment with beauticians at Click Salon brick and mortar facilities.
  • Offer Beauty Therapy Courses via our platform

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